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July/August 2011

HOT TOPIC:  **Old toothbrushes can pose severe health risk**

No kidding.  Those old toothbrushes that you’re so attached to can be a regular “breeding ground” for germs and bacteria.  Numerous studies in
the past few years have reported the toothbrush to be one of the main causes of infections that repeat themselves over and over in the mouth.  Bacteria can grow and reproduce on the bristles of the brush.  The bacteria also have the ability to transmit organisms responsible for diseases throughout the body.  Studies also show that almost two-thirds of the population doesn’t change their toothbrush after three months, the recommended time limit for the life of a toothbrush.  Got a cold or flu?  Pitch it.  A new toothbrush is much cheaper than the cost of the medicine to fix what’s ailing ya!


Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) infection has been firmly linked to the recent increase in mouth and throat cancers in the United States.  It was recently reported at the annual meeting of the American Society of Clinical Oncology that HPV-related oral cancers (which increased more than 200% between 1988 and 2004) will soon surpass that of cervical cancers.  The
estimate that 70% of oropharyngeal cancers in 2020 will be HPV positive is
considered to be conservative!  What’s the good news you may ask?  Oral cancers related to tobacco and alcohol has declined by 50%.  Also, the survival rates among patients with HPV-related oral cancers are significantly higher than in those with HPV-negative cancers.


After many months of keeping our noses to the grindstone, we are back, feeling refreshed and armed with stories to share (if you want to hear) of our various areas of travel.  Some of us stayed here, loving the fact that
we could sleep in our own beds.  But the rest of us scattered north to Wisconsin, way north to Canada, way west to California, and east to the Coastal Carolinas.  Don’t worry, we missed every one of you!  Promise!

SPOTLIGHT:  Dr. Rick Dimsdale has now been one of our team for three and a half years.  He is happily married to Lisa, the love of his human life, and father to Ringo and Yada, loves of his canine life.  Ringo and Yada go with their “parents” wherever the RV travels, and even have their own wagons to ride in behind the bikes that Rick and Lisa ride.  Now that’s living!  Oh yeah!

Quote Unquote   Knowing is not enough, we must apply.  Willing is not enough, we must do.  –Bernard Haldane

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