Don’t Let Thanksgiving Treats Get Stuck: Celebrating Flossing Day!

  As the festive season rolls around and Thanksgiving approaches, there's one crucial element that often gets overshadowed by the excitement of food and family gatherings: our dental health. November 24th marks a day that might not be on everyone's radar but holds immense importance for our pearly whites – it's Flossing Day!   Thanksgiving is a time when delectable... read more »

Smiling Bright: Celebrating National Dental Hygiene Month

October isn't just about falling leaves and pumpkin spice; it's also National Dental Hygiene Month! This is the time of year when we focus on the importance of maintaining excellent oral health, which is a vital component of our overall well-being. In this blog post, we'll explore the significance of dental hygiene, share some essential tips for maintaining a healthy... read more »

Gum Care Month: Your Smile’s Best Friend

  Every September, we celebrate Gum Care Month, a month dedicated to raising awareness about the importance of gum health and the role it plays in our overall well-being. While it might not be as flashy as National Ice Cream Month or as spooky as Halloween, Gum Care Month is a gentle reminder of how crucial it is to take... read more »

Root Canal Awareness Week

Root canals are a common dental procedure with a real bad and unwarranted rap. So often we hear, “Don’t root canals hurt?” It’s a frequent misconception that root canal treatment is painful. In fact, the pain associated with root canals often comes from the infection itself, not the treatment. Most patients feel immediate relief from the removal of the infection.... read more »

In-House Eco-Friendly Practices

    In-House Eco-Friendly Practices:   In this week’s installment of our Green Series, we want to share with you what we’ve been doing in our office.           Currently, we now only print receipts upon request   Our appointment card reminders, educational materials and hygiene bags are printed with recycled materials   Our educational pamphlets are... read more »

Round Green Badge with a toothbrush and the words "thinking green since 1993"

Green Dental Options

We have been celebrating Earth Day each April since 1970!  It’s recognized as a day to bring awareness to our planet, address environmental concerns and protect our precious resources.  At Gillespie Dental Associates, we feel it’s important for everyone to do their share – big or small. We decided to dedicate our next several posts to sustainable, eco-friendly topics. In... read more »

LEED Silver Certified Plaque

Our Commitment to Green Practices

Did you know that Asheville is one of the “greenest” neighborhoods in North Carolina? For the last 30 years, Gillespie Dental Associates has committed to contributing positively to the sustainability practices of our community through implementing products and practices that encourage a healthy environment. Lucky for us, we have an incredible asset to our team in Leah Gruitza, our Staff... read more »

A Personal Message from Dr. Gillespie

  Well, I’m 60 now and getting a lot of questions about how much longer I plan on working, so let’s discuss!  Turning 60 is a milestone in life, and for some people, it may signify the nearing end of their working career. However, for others, it may be just the beginning of a new chapter in their lives. For... read more »

Healthy Stocking Stuffers

With only days left to finalize your Christmas shopping, the pressure is on to find just the right gifts! We have some great, last-minute stocking stuffer ideas, perfect for anyone on your list. With all the added indulgences this time of year, it’s important to give your teeth a little extra love and attention.   Toothbrushes tend to be an... read more »