Healthy Gums Don’t Bleed!

    Have you ever brushed or flossed your teeth and noticed your gums bleeding? Did you shrug it off as if to say it was “normal?” The reality is, with optimal oral health, bleeding is in fact NOT normal.       What Could Cause My Gums to Bleed? Your gums could be bleeding for a number of reasons... read more »

Smile Advantage-Our Exclusive Dental Savings Plan

      SMILE ADVANTAGE: Our Exclusive Dental Savings Plan This past year has been challenging for so many people. Many of you have lost benefits, including your dental insurance and we understand the importance of keeping on top of your health.  We’d love to introduce you to a program we offer here called Smile Advantage.   What is Smile... read more »

What Causes Bad Breath?

  Now, more than ever, with mask wearing being required in most public places, we are acutely aware of what our breath smells like! If we hadn’t realized prior to Covid, some of us are troubled by the odors permeating from our masks and wondering what could be causing it and more importantly - what can be done!      ... read more »

Clenching/Grinding –The Importance of a Night guard:

  Clenching and grinding your teeth is a condition known as bruxism. This can happen while you’re asleep, or you may be clenching and grinding your teeth while you’re wide awake without even realizing it! Bruxism can cause a plethora of problems, so it’s important to be aware of some common signs. If you notice any of the following, please... read more »

Thank You, Asheville!

  Thank you, Asheville! We recently received word from the Mountain Xpress that we have won “Best Dental Practice” in 2020!  This means so much to each of us here at Gillespie Dental Associates, and to say that we are honored, is an understatement.  The voting for this award took place at the onset of the global pandemic. Despite all... read more »

Do You Suffer from Dental Anxiety?

Did you know that dental anxiety is actually quite common in adults?  It’s estimated that approximately 1/3 of the population experiences dental fears to some degree. So, what causes dental anxiety? Dental anxiety can stem from a variety of factors and may cause minor to more severe symptoms. For example, some patients may sweat or experience a rapid heart rate... read more »

Back to the Basics: The Importance of a Prophy

A dental prophylaxis, or prophy, is otherwise known as the “cleaning” you receive from your hygienist… and there is way more to this “cleaning” than you are probably aware of!   Assessing the Situation: Prior to the actual cleaning, your hygienist will collect what we call, assessment data. He/she will do a quick intra-oral and extra-oral examination (often without you... read more »

Stress and Your Health

We All Experience Stress: Unfortunately, none of us are immune to stress. We all face difficult situations from time to time whether it be related to our job, finances, a significant life change or a global pandemic. Stress can have a significant negative effect on our health. The key is to recognize it and utilize effective coping mechanisms to help... read more »

Welcome Back, Patients!

Welcome Back, Patients!  We are wearing huge grins underneath our masks!!       Over the past few months during NC’s “Stay at Home-Stay Safe” Order, we at Gillespie Dental Associates have had our eye on the future.  During the period our office was closed, our management team was working tirelessly to research and plan what a safe and efficient office... read more »

Earth Day Celebrates 50 Years!

Earth Day has been celebrated annually on April 22nd in the U.S. since 1970 and worldwide since 1990. This year marks its 50th Anniversary! It’s a day to recognize our environment and raise awareness to the negative effects of our actions. The theme of Earth Day 2020 is Climate Change. Its purpose is to educate and inspire people all over... read more »