A dental bridge is a popular restorative treatment option for patients who are missing one or multiple teeth. At our practice, we may recommend a dental bridge to help restore the natural beauty and functionality of your smile. The dental bridge is a custom-made, nonremovable appliance that is anchored in place by two dental crowns on either side of the gap created by the missing tooth or teeth.

Our skilled dentists will take great care in designing and creating a dental bridge that perfectly matches your unique smile. The dental crowns are designed to fit snugly over the neighboring teeth or dental implants to hold the artificial tooth securely in place. With a dental bridge, you can enjoy the confidence and comfort of a fully restored smile in just two visits to our practice.

There are many benefits to choosing a dental bridge, including:

  • Restoring your ability to speak, eat and chew normally
  • Maintaining proper alignment of your teeth and preventing remaining teeth from shifting out of position
  • Improving your facial structure and preventing bone loss in the jaw
  • Enhancing the appearance of your smile and boosting your self-confidence

If you are missing one or multiple teeth, we encourage you to schedule a consultation with our experienced team to determine if a dental bridge is the right treatment option for you. We are committed to providing you with high-quality dental care and restoring your smile to optimal health and beauty.

For more information on dental bridges in Asheville, North Carolina, please call Gillespie Dental Associates at (828) 252-9351. Our dentists, Dr. Timothy E. Gillespie and associates, and team are eager to assist you with all of your dental needs.