Back To The Future! Sometimes Moving Forward Means Going Back

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Not everyone wants the perfect smile.  Sometimes, people just want to go back to where they were before the wheels started falling off!

Here is the case of a 40-year old female patient, who, over time, became more and more unhappy with her smile due to the deterioration of some old resin bonding on her four front teeth.  Note the uneven edges, the lack of symmetry, the discoloration–resin bondings absorb stains over time and whitening gels will not remove them.



In order to mimic nature, variations in color, along with very slight striations, were introduced into porcelain veneers.  Notice how well the front four teeth blend in with the canines and first premolars–yes, there is a yellow crown or two in back to replace, but we’ll get to those some other time!

This patient was very grateful that we were able to give her back the smile she remembered–and turn back the clock ten years in the process!