Dentistry and the World of Augmented Reality

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Although not a digital native, I am very comfortable with the digital world.  It’s not that I have necessarily sought out cool digital technology in my life, but I certainly haven’t offered up much resistance to its ever-increasing reach into my life, either.

Most recently, I find that I have inadvertently dropped into the world of augmented reality without even knowing it.  A couple of weeks ago, I spent two days in training to learn how to enhance my dental implant placement by using sensor-guided surgery.  This equipment will allow us to not only keep more of our implant procedures in-house, but make the implant placement more precise—I’ve got a good eye, but I’m no match for a computer!  We love it that we can continue to provide even more offerings in our high-tech, high-touch practice model.

In the short video below, watch the computer screen on the upper corner.  I am looking not in the patient’s mouth, but at this screen as several sensors guide me to the correct position, angle and depth for my implant placement.  Will wonders never cease?  Check it out: