Give the Gift of Oral Health This Holiday

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The holidays are rapidly approaching! Soon the stores will be riddled with panic-stricken shoppers trying to finalize their last minute shopping lists! And just when you think you’ve finished – you remember – “THE STOCKINGS!”

Gillespie Dental Associates would like to help solve your dilemma and offer you some practical and healthy stocking stuffer options.


A new toothbrush is always a great idea! We recommend changing your toothbrush every 3 months or if the brush is showing signs of wear. It’s also a good idea to purchase a new one after you’ve been sick which we see more frequently this time of year. Consider a soft bristle manual, or better yet, electric brush!

Toothpaste makes another great stocking stuffer and comes in a variety of flavors for both adults and kids! Dental floss or other interdental aids such as floss picks or brushes are not only an oral health necessity; they are compact making them the perfect size for any stocking. A Waterpik is another great gift option! These handy water flossers are more effective than traditional floss and can significantly improve gum and tissue health!

Mouthwash and rinses help combat oral bacteria and plaque while sugar free gum or mints containing xylitol help freshen breath and prevent tooth decay making them a win, win! And who isn’t interested in whiter teeth? Feel free to talk to one of us here at GDA about options from whitening strips to custom trays!

Don’t panic this Christmas with time and thought consuming stocking stuffer ideas! Instead, consider these health inspired options.  Giving the gift of oral health is practical, sensible, and small enough to fit in any stocking but most importantly won’t break the bank! Call or stop by Gillespie Dental Associates if you need any assistance with customizing your gift for that special someone.