How’s This For Scary? A Dentist’s Halloween Trickery…

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Scares me too.  Right when I picked up the dental handpiece, an eerie glow came up from below, and off in the distance, I heard the unmistakable laugh of Vincent Price.  If only “Thriller” had started blasting through the speakers, the mood would have been complete….

Not too bad for an iPhone camera and an upturned dental lamp, huh?  I think it has a kind of a Bela Lugosi-meets-Marathon Man vibe to it, and I have to admit, I would tell that guy the stolen Nazi diamonds were safe, if he asked!  That shock of white hair is shocking enough, let alone the crazy eyes!

Well, this is what happens when a patient cancels and a dentist has a little too much time on his hands.  Too bad something like this just sent screams curdling throughout the internet—and now people are running out of dental offices everywhere like that scene where the Blob decides to leave the movie theater.  I should have been holding a Snickers and waving people towards a dental office instead…

Happy Halloween to all—make sure to brush and floss after eating all of those Pixie Sticks, Baby Ruths, and Gummi Bears!  If you’re really hardcore, go for the Bit O’ Honeys and Sugar Daddy’s (do they even make those anymore?)—we’ll hold a place on our schedule for you Tuesday morning!

P.S.  No teeth were harmed in the filming of this segment.