One Proud Dad: Second Son Graduates From High School

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Time does fly.  Not just metaphorically, but literally.  I could’ve sworn it was just a few weeks ago that my wife called me at work to tell me that my middle son, Matthew, refused to wear anything to school other than his tie-dye shirt and cowboy boots…again.  He wears this outfit to school every day.  Every day.  Oops, I guess I mean he WORE that outfit to school every day…

For the longest time, Matthew was a little on the chubby side and would never—EVER—smile in photographs.  Now, he’s a lean 6’2’’ and has an easy smile for everyone, all the time.  My, how time flies.  Tomorrow night, Matthew will graduate from high school.  He’s gone from kicking his mom during temper tantrums to kickin’ it with his many friends, earning some accolades along the way:  Gold and Silver Key Awards for his artwork, Spanish award, a Drafting award, even a Physics award (yes, a PHYSICS award!).  He played lacrosse for the last two years, and is making regular exercise a part of his weekly regimen.  He’s become a real Renaissance Man.

Well, before long he’ll be heading off to NC State as a Psychology major and plans on starting the Pre-Dental track there so he can become a dentist someday.  I guess I better dust off the old Organic Chemistry book so I can help keep him calm when he meets that monster.  But first, we’re planning a fun-filled summer of beaches, lakes, friends, family and probably some fireworks and messin’ around with our Basset Hound, Banjo.

I’m sure I’ll make a tear-filled blog post in the fall when he heads off to school, but for now, I’m just as happy as a lark.  Good job, Matthew.  You’ve made Dad very proud.  Very proud, indeed.


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