Proud To Be An American

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No matter which political camp one belongs to, last night’s first-of-three televised debates leading up to the 2012 Presidential Election should make all Americans proud.  The high level of civil discourse, shared between two intelligent, well-meaning gentlemen was a breath of fresh air amid the circus-like media hype and negative campaign ads we’re all currently drowning in.
With two more to come, and with a Vice-Presidential debate looming next week, there’s still plenty of time for our candidates to fall off their statesmen-like pedestals, but for now, I think both men have given us a lofty ideal to reach for as we do our own debating and discussing over issues, don’t you?

Our process of vetting candidates for the office of President is obviously very stringent, but it also serves as a beacon to the whole world that, in a free society, we CAN support or protest candidates and issues, then cast a vote for our choice—and nothing has to get looted or burned, and certainly, no one has to die.  As the presidential race heats up even more between now and November 6th, I hope we can maintain the tenor of civility established in last night’s debate.  Makes me proud to be an American.