X-Guide Aids in Innovative Precision for Implant Procedures

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At Gillespie Dental Associates, staying one step ahead of the game on dental knowledge and technological advances remains paramount. Dental implants are no exception! Oftentimes, patients are referred to a specialist when seeking this treatment, however, Dr. Gillespie and Dr. Peterson are both experienced in placing dental implants here in our office!

What are Dental Implants?

Dental implants are placed for missing or badly damaged teeth. Titanium, thread-like posts are inserted into the bone acting as conventional tooth roots would. A crown is then prepared for the top of the implant that both resembles and behaves like a traditional tooth. Implants are great alternatives to bridges or dentures. They help maintain healthy bone and can last a lifetime.

Preparing for, and placing implants requires advanced skill and there is no room for error! At GDA we use innovative software known as X-Guide, which helps enhance both accuracy and precision.  With X-Guide, the dentist is able to control precise placement of the implant. X-Guide also assists the dentist in determining exact angulation and depth of placement which is critical for avoiding dental anatomy such as the sinus or nerves.

What Does the Process Look Like?

When our patients are interested in dental implants, we first schedule a consult. At the consult, the Doctor explains the procedure step by step answering any questions or concerns the patient might have. We then take a digital impression of the treatment area and a current 3-D scan. Once the software has this information, it plans for precise implant placement.

During Surgery:                                                                                                      Image result for x-guide

By this point, the software has prepared the 3-D treatment plan and the dentist has had time to review it well in advance. During surgery, X-Guide provides live navigation of drill position and anatomy alerting the dentist along the way to ensure accurate placement, depth and angle are achieved.  The end result – consistent, precise placement of an implant that is both more functional and aesthetically appealing.

Our Commitment to Our Patients:   

At Gillespie Dental Associates quality of patient care matters above all. This includes being able to provide the safest and most effective, accurate and innovative approach to dentistry. X-Guide is one such example.