10 Years of Donna: Champagne Bubbles & Pyramids

Champagne bubbles.  That’s what I think about when I think about Donna Barnhart.  That, and pyramids.  Yes, champagne bubbles and pyramids, that’s it.  Champagne bubbles because her youthful effervescence never stops.  It’s just like watching a glass of champagne where the bubbles seem to constantly arise from nowhere, yet everywhere, and never seem to end.  Pyramids, because I’ve never been... read more »

Thank You, Cindy, For 20 Years!

Just over 20 years ago on a hot July afternoon, I sat down in my soon-to-be-opened dental office and interviewed a young woman for the catchall position of Office Administrator/Dental Assistant.  Having just graduated from dental school and therefore knowing everything there is to know about everything, I had the crazy idea that I would “hang out a shingle” and... read more »