One Proud Dad: Second Son Graduates from College

I always knew Matt (nèe Matthew to Mom & Dad), would study business. I knew it from the first week of first grade. That was the week he came home with almost ten dollars from selling pencil grips for a dollar each to his classmates, most of whom he did not know before school started. Betsy had paid two dollars... read more »

One Proud Dad: Second-Born Leaves for College

Chasing the Endless Summer just ended for Matthew.  Out the door this morning and off to Raleigh to report for work with the videography crew at NC State Athletics, he'll be accumulating a little walking-around money before school starts in a few short weeks, but also starting that slow, then faster walk into adulthood as he learns to make his... read more »

Back To School: Teaching Old Dogs New Tricks

Summer’s over and it’s time to for the kids to go back to school. And me, too.  At 50 years old, I’ve decided to go for my MBA; in fact, I started two weeks ago with online courses in Marketing Management & Strategy (MBA 560, 3 credit hours) and Critical Analytical Thinking (MBA 610, 1 credit hour) through NC State’s... read more »

One Proud Dad: Firstborn Leaves For College

Well, the “much-too-quick, fun-filled summer” I referred to in an earlier blog post is over.  My firstborn struck out for Raleigh this past Monday morning, heading down early to start his job as a videographer for the NC State Athletic Department.  School doesn’t start for a couple of weeks, so it’s nice that he’ll beat the rush of students for... read more »