Let’s Celebrate!

You may have heard that this  year is our office's 25th Anniversary!  We are so proud of this and plan on celebrating throughout the year- and you know how we love to celebrate!  But first and foremost, we want to honor the relationships and intentions that built this practice.  Those start with you, our patients.  Whether you've been with us for a... read more »

Happiness is a Warm Blanket!

Earlier this summer, I underwent elective surgery following a bout of diverticulitis. Why one would undergo elective surgery following a bout of diverticulitis is a story for another time, but one of the many epiphanies I had during this experience was just how huge the little things can mean in the time of need. I’m a control freak. I’m also... read more »

The Book Of Life: Radiator Hoses, Helium Balloons & Scratchboard Dogs

At 6:15am, it was still cold and dark as the Burger King employee and I stood staring at the smoke coming off my engine, and it made me more than a little uncomfortable that he was holding his lighter so close to the hissing radiator hose that necessitated my pulling off the highway 2 hours shy of my destination.  I also found... read more »

My 30th High School Reunion: A Feeling Of Community

Summer is usually the time for high school reunions, and so it was for mine this past weekend….30th to be exact.  It was fun to see many of my high school classmates, some that I had gone to school with from K – 12, and some I hadn’t seen since graduation. I grew up in an interesting time and place: ... read more »