Our New Hygienist Whitney Lanier: A Series of Interesting Events

Our story begins in Wilson, NC, the BBQ capital of eastern NC,  with a precocious pastor’s daughter who has developed some very strong opinions about BBQ (stay tuned, this may become a matter of contention later!).  Gradually going west, this young woman molds her interests in the arts and humanities into a degree in Art History with minors in Spanish... read more »

Auf Wiedersehen and Danke Schoen!

She’s really leaving me this time.  The last time we talked about this, I convinced her to stay, but this time, I think she’s serious.  Serious that is, if selling your house and moving out of town is serious, and I think it is.  Yes, she’s really leaving me this time. Well, her husband has lived in Wilmington for the... read more »