A Monday Morning Sneak Peek!

Here’s an inside peek at a familiar Monday morning scene at Gillespie Dental Associates: Our Morning Huddle! It's during Morning Huddle that we take time to consider every patient we'll care for during the day. We think about your dental needs, your overall health, and any relevant news that can inform how we can best care for you. We love... read more »

Enjoy Our Fall Friendly Oral Healthcare Tips!

Cooler Weather Can Signal Teeth Issues   Many people find that when cold weather arrives, their teeth become more sensitive.   This could be nature’s way of telling you there’s damage to the teeth or gums.  Cold sensitivity may be the result of several factors, including cracked teeth, gum shrinkage, thin enamel, or grinding.  Those who experience sensitive teeth for... read more »

You Never Get A Second Chance…

When it comes to making a positive first impression at work or in personal relationships, nothing comes close to the impact of an attractive smile, according to a new survey conducted by Kelton Global. Nearly half of American adults (48 percent) believe that a smile is the most memorable feature after first meeting someone—more so than the first thing a... read more »

Of Teeth And Starfish: Changing The World, One Smile At A Time

Most days, the business of a dental office is fairly routine:  drilling, filling…and billing!  But every so often, a case comes across your desk that makes you feel like you can possibly change the course of someone’s life…make a difference in someone’s world. This happened to me recently, when I accepted the case of a young man—27 years old—who had never... read more »