A New Year, A Fresh Perspective!

A New Year, A Fresh Perspective! This January, our staff visited the Biltmore Estate to attend a “Cultivating Change” workshop at the Biltmore Center for Professional Development. During this eye-opening session, Biltmore shared with us many changes within the history of their organization. They explained that while these changes were challenging, embracing them allowed Biltmore to stay ahead of the... read more »

The Simple Math of Building Teams…and Pyramids

I’m often asked how I am able to keep my staff turnover so low.  While most of it is just dumb luck, some of it is that I am fortunate—blessed—to have found the right people to work in my office, and some of it is just simple math:  I take care of my employees, and they take care of me... read more »

Transitions and Team-Building

Last Monday morning greeted us nervously as we all slowly, sleepily, filed into the front-desk-area-cum-training-ground.  Valerie and Michelle had smartly set up a refreshment station replete with brain food, and I bought a new Keurig coffee maker just for the occasion.  Darlene, who has transitioned from full-time to part-time and will be leaving for good very soon, came in for... read more »