If I Only Had a Brain

I’d unravel every riddle for any individual, In trouble or in pain. With the thoughts that I’d be thinkin’, I could be another Lincoln, If I only had a brain. --Scarecrow, The Wizard of Oz   Therefore, by virtue of the authority vested in me by the Universitatus Committeeatum E Pluribus Unum, I hereby confer upon you the Honorary Degree... read more »

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!  We hope 2016 is all you wish it to be! Timothy E. Gillespie, DMD & Staff

Season’s Greetings!

To you and yours, we wish a very, merry holiday season.  Thanks for being a part of our patient family! Timothy E. Gillespie, DMD & Staff

She’s Leaving Home: Brittany Moves On

As I have gotten older, I’ve realized that you never quite get everything dialed in just the way you want it and keep it there.  For long, anyway.  There’s just too many moving pieces to life.  So, in response, I have become more and more comfortable accustomed to change, such that I now view my working relationships not only as... read more »

The Simple Math of Building Teams…and Pyramids

I’m often asked how I am able to keep my staff turnover so low.  While most of it is just dumb luck, some of it is that I am fortunate—blessed—to have found the right people to work in my office, and some of it is just simple math:  I take care of my employees, and they take care of me... read more »

What Do You Do For A Living?

Recently, in a smoky bar, where my band (shout out to The Vinyl Brothers!) was getting ready to play, the bar manager, who knew there were several doctors in the band, asked me what kind of doctor I was.  When I replied that I was a dentist, he said, “So you work on people’s teeth?”  Obviously, I said, “Yes.” But…I... read more »

Dental Practice Management & The View From 30,000 Feet

I have to admit it:  I still become very kid-like whenever I fly.  Whenever possible, I get the window seat so I can gaze out at the landscape as we take off, cruise, and land—there’s something about the change of perspective that I find very relaxing. And so it will be tomorrow morning when I take off for NYC--the Big... read more »