Panning For Gold: Lord Of The Flies Redux

As I crept back into the water—the same place I place I had my knock-the-rust-off instructional lesson just a week ago—I silently remarked to myself how devoid of fish the stream looked. To the most casual observer, it was a beautiful stream:  a happily babbling brook, 8 – 12 inches in its deepest recesses, with smooth moss-covered rocks and a pretty canopy of old... read more »

Lord Of The Flies: The Joys Of Blissful Frustration

With my changing family dynamic—oldest heading off to college, middle son completely absorbed with friends and social media, youngest taking up tennis—I’ve decided to rekindle an old flame.  No, it’s not another woman…it’s a trout. Recently, after trading in my old Red Ball waders, Cortland reel, and Cabela’s fishing vest for some new gear, I took an early morning fly fishing... read more »