A Monday Morning Sneak Peek!

Here’s an inside peek at a familiar Monday morning scene at Gillespie Dental Associates: Our Morning Huddle! It's during Morning Huddle that we take time to consider every patient we'll care for during the day. We think about your dental needs, your overall health, and any relevant news that can inform how we can best care for you. We love... read more »

Happiness is a Warm Blanket!

Earlier this summer, I underwent elective surgery following a bout of diverticulitis. Why one would undergo elective surgery following a bout of diverticulitis is a story for another time, but one of the many epiphanies I had during this experience was just how huge the little things can mean in the time of need. I’m a control freak. I’m also... read more »

A New Year, A Fresh Perspective!

A New Year, A Fresh Perspective! This January, our staff visited the Biltmore Estate to attend a “Cultivating Change” workshop at the Biltmore Center for Professional Development. During this eye-opening session, Biltmore shared with us many changes within the history of their organization. They explained that while these changes were challenging, embracing them allowed Biltmore to stay ahead of the... read more »

Life Comes at You Fast! Our Fall/Winter 2014 Newsletter

Change has characterized the past year here at Timothy E. Gillespie, DMD.  Retirements, people moving to other locales, and wonderful babies have all had an influence on the landscape of our practice.  Most recently, Michelle Baber has made the difficult decision to retire as her attention is being needed more on the homefront.  Michelle has been a staple in this practice... read more »

Best of WNC 2014: Help Us Maintain the Top Spot!

Each year, Mountain Xpress magazine asks their readership, "Who's the best?" in WNC. Our office has won the Best Dentist category for three years, and if we win this year, we'll be placed in Mountain Xpress' "Hall of Fame"!  With your help, we can do it!  Will you help us maintain the top spot? Simply go to http://vote.bestofwnc.com/  and write "Timothy... read more »

Profiles in Customer Service: Trucks, Toys and Tows

I told you so.  That’s what my wife was going to say and I knew it, but I called her anyway.  “Yes, dear, you’re right, but right now, I’ve got to deal with this problem, so I’m just letting you know I’ll be getting home later, much later, than I thought.”  Crow for dinner, followed by a dessert of sour... read more »

Best Of WNC 2013: We Did It!

We did it, and you helped! For the third year in a row, we have been chosen #1 in Mountain Xpress magazine's Best Of WNC competition! Each year, this local newsmagazine celebrates all things regional by asking the reading public to vote for their favorite local businesses, restaurants, bars, and of course, dentists!  We're so happy to win this accolade... read more »

My 25th Wedding Anniversary: Where Did The Time Go?

I know my eighth-grade prom is this weekend, but I was too shy to ask you before now. I just picked you up in my brand new car—a Pinto!  We went to a movie and then got some ice cream. I hid the engagement ring in a box of Russell Stover chocolates.  Though I can tell you saw it coming,... read more »

Snutterfluffer And Other Delights

Admittedly, I interrupted the conversation after it had started, but when my assistant, a fellow Southerner, said the word, “Snutterfluffer,” I just had to question her. “Did you just say the word, ‘Snutterfluffer?’”, I asked, with a high degree of certainty that no other Southerner had ever uttered that word before.  “Yes,” she said, “I did.”  At which time my... read more »

My Favorite Things

Tooth-colored fillings and implants in spaces, Sealed root canals and bright, shiny braces, Veneers on teeth and the smiles that they bring, These are a few of my favorite things…. Geez, apparently all of the holiday gifts and carbohydrate-rich food coming through our office has sugar plums dancing in my head.  And, despite my best efforts, my heart seems determined... read more »